Control the Breath, Control the Mind

Control the Breath, Control the Mind

Anxiety triggers are unique for every individual and we believe how you address them should be too.

Muvik is pleased to announce the launch of BreathCondutor™, a personalized technology to help you relieve anxiety and its negative side effects, while building resilience. “This approach utilizes musical guidance to help you sync to a more relaxed state naturally. It’s like a body hack you can do anywhere, anytime to combat anxiety,” says Victoria Grace, Muvik’s Founder and CEO.

Simple, Efficient, Effective

In as little as 3 minutes a day you can relieve your anxiety, lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate, and increase HRV.  By syncing your breathing with the music, BreathCondutor™ improves your HRV and relaxes the nervous system on demand.

Address Your Anxiety in the Moment

The longer you wait to address your anxiety and its symptoms the longer the side effects remain with you. We’ve all been there… Stuck in traffic and late for a meeting, an unexpected negative event, the triggered memories of a past trauma, effects of a poor sleep schedule, uncomfortable social situations. Each can lead to anxiety and our bodies respond both physically and mentally. With BreathCondutor™ you have an “in the moment” tool for quickly and efficiently reducing your anxiety.

Build Resilience

Our evidenced based research has demonstrated that regular use of BreathCondutor™ improves your response to anxiety making you better equipped to deal with future stressful events.


The technology behind, BreathCondutor™ grew out of Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research Music and Acoustics (CCRMA).

Utilizing an evidence-based, multi-sensory, digital health technology, BreathCondutor™ harnesses Augmented Sound™ to create personalized, self-guided, breathing sessions which harness music’s power to drive synchrony.


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BreathConductor™ positively impacts the brain and calms the stress response. Created through Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) this solution blends slow deep breathing, guiding music, and imagery in a beautiful way to get maximum benefits safely, with the least effort. This approach has proven health benefits, for individuals of all ages, in stress reduction and response, emotional resilience, neurological function, cardiovascular health, and overall well being.