Mission Statement

Muvik Labs builds tools for augmented reality that use generative music to help people reach their fullest potential. We imagine a world where you will not need screens to get information. Our software provides companies with state-of-the-art solutions that translate data streams into sound and music to inform and assist the user in different settings (a process known as interactive auditory display or data sonification). We at Muvik Labs have designed a sophisticated real-time audio engine that synthesizes sculptable sounds optimized to increase awareness of our environment and ourselves. Our primary goal is to use audio to establish a dynamic user experience for the next generation of emerging technologies, which include fitness wearables, smart clothing, physical therapy equipment and IoT devices.


Our software is built to enhance the UX in your product in several ways, featuring:


  • Interactive AI producing engaging sound
  • State-of-the-art algorithmic models
  • Real-time sonic attribute mapping

Highly Personalized

  • Generative audio with infinite variation
  • Dynamic sound and music shaped while playing
  • Intuitive control through simple interfaces


  • Highly portable and cross-platform
  • Easy mapping to sensor inputs
  • Efficient DSP algorithms
Patents pending


Our product is well suited for a wide range of applications, including (but not limited to):

  • Self-Regulation of Biometrics and Biofeedback Training: Fitness, Relaxation, Focus, Meditation, and Posture
  • Screenless Interfaces for Augmented Reality
  • Physical Therapy and Gesture Training
  • Health and Environmental Monitoring
  • Brainwave Synchronization and Breathing Entrainment
  • Navigation Tools

Service Package

As part of our product package we provide


We provide professional consulting services to help you:

  • Understand how to use interactive audio as an assistive tool in a training setting
  • Understand how music can function as a communication system
  • Realize a product idea using real-time audio, no matter what stage


We adapt our software to fit your unique sensors and platforms. Customization involves algorithm tuning, data calibration, and software integration.

Customer Support

We offer full integration support, and will provide supplement updates related to bug fixes and operating system updates.


As part of our product package we provide

Commercial License

The commercial license enables Muvik Labs’ product to be embedded in an application to be sold to your customers

  • License fees are normally calculated on a royalties (per user) basis.
  • Pricing is dependent on number of client products, number of platforms and target market.

Academic License

The academic license enables researchers and research institutes to use Muvik Labs’ product for academic research (no distribution).

We are open to discuss other licensing models of mutual benefit


For inquiry, please email us at contact@muviklabs.io