Muvik Labs is a leading software company that specializes in digital therapy solutions. Through its Augmented Sound™ adaptive infrastructure (Muvik AI), practitioners are able to produce cognitive training tools which facilitate a unique, generative music-based framework for multi-sensory wellness coaching. With a focus on mental health (anxiety & trauma), Muvik AI empowers people to reach their goals through seamless and intuitive auditory feedback.

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About BreathConductor™

BreathConductor™ positively impacts the brain and calms the stress response. Created through Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) this solution blends slow deep breathing, guiding music, and imagery in a beautiful way to get maximum benefits safely, with the least effort. This approach has proven health benefits, for individuals of all ages, in stress reduction and response, emotional resilience, neurological function, cardiovascular health, and overall well being.

How BreathConductor™ Works

Scientists have known for a long time that due to the complex relationship between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, deep breathing techniques increase heart rate variability (HRV), which is linked to respiration. Thus, changing patterns of breathing can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, quiet agitation, enhance concentration, balance emotions, reduce insomnia, relieve symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), increase peak performance and improve personal relationships.

  • Augmented Sound™ is Muvik's psychoacoustcs-based adaptive audio optimized to communicate information with non-verbal sound cues
  • Muvik's Augmented Sound™ engine produces adaptive sounds that can be configured and controlled by a human interaction or data-driven automation.

About BreathConductor™

The Problem

In recent years, the global crisis in mental health has become an epidemic, both in the West and in under-developed nations. The impact of war on trauma, stress and anxiety has become of increasing concern, particularly as this affects children and adolescents, for whom Muvik Labs has developed customized solutions.

The Solution

Through the adaptive infrastructure of Augmented Sound™ and Muvik AI, BreathConductor™ circumvents these problems. By engaging these digital solutions, BreathConductor™ employs cognitive training tools, literally generating interventions that are made-to-order for the end user. This generative/ adaptive framework is what sets BreathConductor™ apart from other digital therapies.

Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

Digital therapeutics (DTx) are products that “deliver evidence-based therapeutic interventions to patients that are driven by high quality software programs to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease”(Digital Therapeutics Alliance).

DTx products work in a variety of ways, from calculating insulin doses to delivering cognitive behavioral therapy. They can help track and manage symptoms as well as improve medication adherence. DTx products are frequently accessed through digital devices such as smartphones, smart watches or tablets, and can be used independently or in concert with other treatments.

Muvik AI is a digital therapy provider that employs augmented reality technologies and music-based algorithms to empower people through learning, training, and understanding.

BreathConductor™ is a drug-free, safe and effective solution that relieves anxiety, allows users to boost their performance effortlessly and achieve maximum benefits through science-backed breathing AI in these areas:

  • End User Benefits
  • User Experience

Anxiety management

Intuitive guidance through non-speech sound

Increased concentration

Faster and more accurate learning of evidence-based therapy

Stress resilience

Effortless training that's convenient for multi-tasking

Enhancing Listening Skills And Auditory Perception

Objective visible results on user's digital devices (e.g., smartwatch)

Balancing the nervous system

Individualized, meaningful and engaging sessions

BreathConductor™ Digital Therapy Services: Personalized Programs for your Unique Populations

Personalized libraries of guided audio/visual interventions for your users

Custom intervention configuration

Need-driven set of exercises available to your users

Curated program design

Facilitator training: Evidence-based guided breathing curriculum education resources for group-session deployment

Clinical research opportunities



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Pain management

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