BreathConductor™ Demonstrates Anxiety Reduction in Children

Value of BreathConductor™ in Reducing Children’s Anxiety

We are pleased to announce that our paper, “The impact of a guided breathing audiovisual intervention on the anxiety symptoms in Palestinian children: a pilot randomized controlled trial“, has been published by The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

The study provided an opportunity to evaluate Muvik AI’s evidence-based BreathConductor™ digital therapy. An on-demand, guided breathing intervention, as a simple, effective, and efficient tool to reduce anxiety and its negative side effects.

In their daily environment, children in war torn areas experience stressors as a factor of war-related violence. The anxiety, and disruption, to which they are exposed can lead to increased levels of stress which negatively impacts their home, school, and individual routines. To assist these children mitigate anxiety, learn coping mechanisms, and build resilience, the Middle East Children’s Institute in partnership with Muvik AI, formulated this pilot study based on Muvik’s BreathConductor™ digital therapy.

144 students (6–10 years old) participating in MECI after-school program in the Levant region, were randomly assigned to the intervention or control condition. All participants completed a pre- and post-intervention measure of anxiety using the Revised Children’s Manifest Anxiety Scale. Participants in the intervention completed 24 sessions over 8 weeks and rated breathing ease as well as pre- and post-session relaxation on a 5-point Likert scale. To examine condition differences in post-intervention anxiety, four analyses of covariance were conducted, adjusting for age, sex, and pre-intervention anxiety.

Study results indicated that a guided, paced breathing audiovisual intervention was feasible and had a significant positive impact on anxiety symptoms in the children compared to a control condition. Additional research on adolescents enrolled in the MECI program is planned during the 2023 calendar year and will compare outcomes of BreathConductor™ technology versus mindfulness intervention.

About Muvik AI: Muvik AI is a leading software company specializing in digital technology solutions for anxiety and resilience. Through our Augmented Sound™ adaptive infrastructure we create personalized tools which facilitate unique, generative music-based, paced-breathing experiences. Our multi-sensory technology has demonstrated on-demand reduction in anxiety while building resilience and empowers individuals to reach their goals through seamless and intuitive auditory feedback. Per our values, Muvik AI takes a humanistic approach to our work and the solutions we create for our users. As such we remain committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.

About MECI: The Middle East Children’s Institute is an internationally recognized NGO addressing the needs of children, young adults and women in war-torn and conflict areas in the Middle East. By creating safe havens for learning, healing and development, MECI empowers individuals most affected by conflict to become catalysts of positive change and agents for peace in their own communities.

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BreathConductor™ positively impacts the brain and calms the stress response. Created through Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) this solution blends slow deep breathing, guiding music, and imagery in a beautiful way to get maximum benefits safely, with the least effort. This approach has proven health benefits, for individuals of all ages, in stress reduction and response, emotional resilience, neurological function, cardiovascular health, and overall well being.