Software Engineer


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Muvik Labs is a digital therapy provider. We build software to help people manage stress and anxiety, sharpen focus, and improve sleep. Our audio first solution was built for generating real-time personalized meditations, using music and biofeedback to guide the user to improve health.

Job Description

Software Engineering Responsibilities

  • Develop software to deliver Muvik Lab’s digital therapy to health professionals and end user
  • Participate in the design of Muvik Lab’s information systems to achieve business objectives
  • Assist in developing scopes of work for third party consultants as needed and verify the quality of their work
  • Work to ensure the stability and security of corporate software


  • Familiarity with App Development and the relevant SDKs (iOS)
  • Experience with unmanaged languages such and C and C++
  • Experience with core audio
  • Interest in working with sensor data, particularly bio-metrics
  • Ability to manage heterogeneous compute resources (OpenGL / GLSL Apple Metal, etc)
  • Knowledge of various audio stacks (iOS, AAudio, Pipewire, Windows Audio APIs, WebKit/Blink and Gecko/Quantum)
  • Unity or other game development experience
  • Basic understanding of data storage strategies and management (SQL, High performance KV stores, Graph databases, etc)
  • Php/ Codeigniter

Please submit a cover letter with your CV to apply.